Thursday, July 26, 2012

FBX Export for Camera Matching in 3dsmax

Here is another tool i developed for RTT some time ago. It's a hybrid script utilizing MEL and MAXScript that automates the process of camera matching (still images) by integrating 3dsmax's Camera Match into an existing Maya pipeline. It was meant to speed up the whole process, establish a unified workflow and relieve the artists of all the tedious task (like browsing for files, adjusting settings, etc.) that ate up time or could've been error sources in the past.

Automated tasks:
  • export selected geometry as FBX (bypassing the FBX export dialog)
  • run 3dsmax (works with 2009-2012, automatically runs latest version you have installed)
  • import FBX geometry into 3dsmax (bypassing the FBX import dialog)
  • set render settings in 3dsmax (according to size of given image file)
  • set backplate in 3dsmax (matching render output)
  • configure Nitrous viewport (3dsmax2012 only)
  • configure units and snap settings (3D snap to vertex)
  • maximize perspective viewport and frame imported geometry
  • save 3dsmax scene file
  • switch to CamPoint tool so you can start working right away
  • one-button interface in 3dsmax for FBX camera export (bypassing the FBX import dialog)
  • import camera into Maya & create image plane with the given image
 (click to enlarge)
The tool is being used on a regular basis and has proven to be a real time saver in production.


  1. is there any chance I can get this script, it would help me a lot ? Thanks