Sunday, July 22, 2012

Video Demonstration for Voronoi Texture Fracture

I added a short video demonstration for my Voronoi Texture Fracture tool. The workflow for fracuring by image source is pretty much the same. You just need to specify an image in the UI instead of creating a voronoi shader.
If you go for smaller pieces, make sure you also increase the "Fracture Map Resolution for Voronoi Textures" in the tool's settings menu (default is 512x512).

Original post HERE.
Download the script HERE.


  1. Hi there! Embarrassingly I am no coder, just wanna be a not useless user, I have SoUp installed on Maya 2015, and your script awoke my interest, so I dlded it and when I run it I get this error message: ---// Error: line 3595: Procedure "RS_voroTexFrac_soupCheck" is missing a return value of type string.---
    I tried to deactivate SoUp, no effort, actually I have no idea how to get it run as shown in the video above. If you think its useful to help me out please give me a hint, I could understand , if you would ignore for I am just a photographer/electronic musician, exploring the 3D- space ;)---mail:

    1. Hi! An error in line 3595 is kinda strange since the script only has around 800 lines. Also, the procedure "RS_voroTexFrac_soupCheck" doesnt even need a return statement. it just checks if you have SOuP installed and should show a popup window if SOuP was not found.
      how exactly did you install and run the script?

  2. Hi I am an animation student
    I am working on maya python GUI, voronoi generator, may I ask you how do you design your algorithm? because I have no clu how to start it.

    thank you !

  3. Hi Elisa,
    just follow the links to the original post and the download page. You can find the answer there. I did not use any voronoi algorithm but the SoUP voronoi texture ... just download the tool and have a look at the code. It's still free, but I think SoUP is not anymore ...