Monday, April 1, 2013

Maya Version Conversion

Ever needed to convert a Maya file between versions but the file is too large to open it in your text editor or you wouldn't even know what to edit? 
Then this tool might be something for you. I wrote this in my spare time, but it has been used in production since quite some time and has proven to be a time real saver when having to convert multiple 2012 files back to 2009 format.

As usual you can download the script on creative crash for free.
(EDIT: Link updated & working now.)


  • can convert Maya files between any recent versions (2008-2013)
  • can convert ASCII and Binary files (Binaries will be opened and saved as temprary ASCII file before conversion)
  • can batch convert multiple files
  • overwrite protection (cannot accidentally overwrite existing files. prefix, suffix and/or different output folder must be specified)
  • double clicking a file in the list opens its file location in Windows Explorer


  • copy and the rs_mvc_ui folder to your Maya script directory
  • run these python commands in Maya: 

import rs_mvc_v001 as rs_mvc


  • set input folder
  • pick file(s) from list (will list MB files only when "Auto convert binary to ASCII files" is checked)
  • set output folder and/or choose prefix/suffix options and Maya version
  • press convert button

Known Limitations:

  • output will always be a Maya ASCII file
  • works in Maya 2012 and higher only (because of QtUI)
  • Limitation for Maya Binary files: Maya Version needs to be >= input file version

If you find any bugs or have any feature requests, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you use the script and like it, please consider donating to support me in further development of new and existing scripts. Cheers! 


  1. Thanks very helpful, please add support for 2014 version

    1. Glad you like it! :) Would love to add 2014 support, but dont have access maya2014 yet ...

  2. Hello Schrödi ;)

    i tried to use the script, but cant convert anything.
    The Ui only opens chossen maya 2013 mb file, and
    nothing happen ..


    1. Hey arkadius:) - what version of maya are you using?