Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chase Like A Boss

YEAH! It's finally online! :) This was the most awesome and interesting project i've worked on lately. Adi Chifor, a friend and colleague at FLAVOR3D (the new film and print devision of RTT), came up with the idea and concept for this awsome short movie. We did the CG work mostly after work hours but later also got some support (resources and render power as well as budget for sound, music and final grading) from the company we work for.
I got to do FX on this one (in cooperation with the guys from post). It's been a lot of work but also heaps of fun and i learned a lot working with TP and FumeFX! Cheers to everyone involved! Looking forward to the next project! ;)

Adi Chifor: "The material was shot in the course of 2 days from the back of my car with a Canon 5D. The idea came about while watching a comparison between the old 1970 Boss 302 and the new 2013 model. Unfortunately they discontinued the Boss model for 2014 which is too bad as it was a nice looking car.
After finishing it, we were very fortunate to have these guys do the music and soundFx : Very cool company to work with.
The grading was done by Peter at , another amazing post production house in Munich."


Shooting: Adi Chifor, Gabi Chifor, Codrin Chifor, Florin Borlan, Marius Satmarean
Designs: Adi Chifor, Egon Bachmann
Model&Texture: Radu Arsith, Dan Nanu
Set Extensions: Martin Bockenfeld
Tracking: Adi Chifor, Peter Pflaum, Wolfgang Walter 
Rigging: Egon Bachmann, Ralph Lindner
Animation: Egon Bachmann, Peter Pflaum, Wolfgang Walter
FX: Robert Schroder a.k.a. procanic ;)  
Lighting/Shading: Adi Chifor, Catalin Satmarean, Holger Lorenz. Markus Sterner
Post: Chris Rainer, Daniel Smith, Alexander Seefelder, Adi Chifor
Editing: Adi Chifor, Jan Kiesel
Writing/Directing/Supervision: Adi Chifor

Software: PfTrack, Maya, Mari, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Mental Ray&Vray, Nuke, Thinking Particles and FumeFX.

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