Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Voronoi Texture Fracture

Tool has been updated multiple times since this post. Fixed bugs, added features. More stuff to come ...

I'm currently taking the Advanced Maya Dynamics - Breaking Ground class at CGWorkshops taught by David Alexander. The stuff we went through in the first week inspired me to write this little tool

Voronoi Texture Fracture GUI
It can fracture flat objects based on an image or by using voronoiTexture3D. The voronoi texture can be created and adjusted through the GUI as well as the options for the texture to geometry conversion.

Fractured and extruded pieces generated from a poly plane (click to enlarge)

- create and assign a (SOuP) voronoi shader (+sets hw shading options)
- auto convert shader to image 
- fracture geometry using (this) image
- separate texture2geometry output by object ids (SOuP)
- remove redundant edges (any but border edges)
- extrude all fractured parts
- create shaders per piece
- center pivots of fractured pieces

You will need to have the SOuP plug-in by Peter Shipkov installed and loaded for this script to work.

Download the script HERE.


  1. the "how to.txt" is not efficient, especially for soup beginners like me, please write a complete tut on how to install and use this tool.

  2. sry mehdi, i currently don't have the time to do any tutorials. but the tool is pretty self explanatory and you don't need to know any soup to use the tool - that's actually what i wrote it for: to give people access to this soup feature without the need to know what to connect and so on ...
    all you need to know is some maya basics. you need to be able to source a script, create a plane, push buttons. ;)
    just give it a try and if you cant manage, just post in the soup forum & i'm sure someone else will take the time to help you out, just in case i'm busy.
    cheers! :)

  3. you are right, it is so simple to use, i should try before commenting you. just running the script is efficient.
    tnx for quick reply.

  4. Hi Again it's very helpful thank you !
    May I ask how you achieve auto convert image to shader in Maya. Does it has to do with soup?

    1. If you mean converting a shader to texture this is done with Maya's convertSolidTx. If you mean texture to geometry conversion this is done by Maya's performTextureToGeom (with setting some optionVars beforehand). Just have a look at the code and search for those two commands.