Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magnetic nParticles

Some time ago I've been trying to achieve various magnet related particle effects. The first one was having particles form magnetic field lines around a simple bar magnet (or later any other object).

The particles are almost entirely expression driven (hermite, smoothstep and the like) with the help of some custom vector per-particle attributes. There are some additional attributes on the magnet controller which let you turn the magnet on and off, change its size and range as well as the number of field lines.

The field lines are still kind of static. There is a noise option (see image) but it's really basic and not adjustable for the time being (turned off in the video). As for now the particles are spread evenly over all field lines. But I'd love to have them accumulate at the start and end of a field line first, before they build the full shape. So I might update it when i find the time ...

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